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Instagram has revealed about the users feeds algorithms. Before the announcement about this, it was a mystery for all about the working of the feeds algorithm.  The users of the Instagram are missing about 70 percent of all posts and about 50 percent of the friend’s posts due to a faulty algorithm in July 2016.

Instagram, which is a Facebook-owned company, has assembled the group of reporters under the news San Francisco office, and then it announced about the Instagram feed ranking algorithm. As per the Julian Gutman, who is the Instagram product lead, said to TechCrunch and The Verge that, it used to ranks in three main factors. The user creates these factors feeds in the form of interest, Recency, and relationship. This makes a post to come on top which is important for you and Recency means that the app gives priority to the newer posts.

The company said that the app relies on the machine learning language which is based on the past behaviour to create the unique feed for everyone. The factors which are explained by the company are first is Interest. In this, the app cares for the post, and with the high ranking, it determined the past behaviour of the similar content and it potentially machine vision which analyses the real content of the post.

The second factor is Recency in which the recent post was shared, and it comes with prioritisation for the timely posts which were over weeks-old ones.

The third factor is Relationship, in which it determines how close the user is to a particular person who has shared it. It ranks higher for that post with whom you have interacted a lot in the past on Instagram, and this was determined by analysing the posts that you have commented or tagged.

Despite these three factors, the other factors influence are Frequency, and it is often you open the Instagram, and it will try to show you the best posts that were waiting for you since you have last visited. The next factor is following, and in this, the app analyses the followers, and if you are following many people, then Instagram will be picking a wider range of authors to show you the post. The next factor is Usage, in which it determined the time that you have spent in the app and it that time how much you have gone through the important posts.


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