Instagram is now testing video tagging feature for the future update
Image Source: Daily Mail

It has been seen that Instagram is now testing to allow the users to tag their friends in the video posts. The new feature that the company is now testing is said to be work similar to the tag photos but in place of it has pressed the small icon at the bottom of the left. By pressing it one can see the list of the tagged names that have appeared over the top of the content.

When any user taps on this button, then the user is directed to an all-new page which was titled as People in the Video along with the all the Instagram users who have got to appear in the video. It can also be used to alert in some kind.

This new video tagging is not currently present in the web version of the Instagram, but it is only available for mobile. It has been seen that the company needs not to share much of the information about the test nor want to discuss the plans for the larger rollout for the feature. This is currently got unsupported for anyone who has not been opted in to test by the company.

As per the spokesperson, said in a statement that they are always testing many ways to improve the experience on the Instagram that can bring the people more close to each other along with the things that you love.

Instagram has introduced the photo tagging in the year 2013. After that, it has rolled out some support for the things which includes tagging products as well as tagging friends in the stories. The sharing of the video has arrived on the platform in June 2013, but till now it has not introduced by the users to tag their friends.


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