Instagram made shopping easier in its app
Image Source: Channel 3000

On Monday, Instagram has announced about the new e-commerce tools that can shop the items with the help of stories and also Explore pages.

This new feature has been in the testing phase on Instagram since June. After the company has tested this feature successfully, they have rolled out the new feature globally from Monday. The Brands can now also add one product tag sticker per Story. The users can now tap on that to see about the more information that is like Price. On this Explore page, a hub which is for the content recommended is for you which is like new shopping channel that will display tagged the shopping posts which is from the brands that will follow or it may be interested in it.

As per Vishal Shah, who is the product management director at Instagram, he said that if you want to shop on Instagram, there will be a lot of work. You need to have to scroll through the Feeds that hops from profile to profile. This all new channels will aim to make it easier for the users to shop when they are in the mood.

This new feature is not the first time for the company, as, in the recent years, the company has rolled out the e-commerce tools that usually allows the brands to tag their posts with the individual products. The users can tap on the photo to see the details which include price, or they can even click out to the brand’s website to buy the item. The company will then expand these shopping tags to even more countries that includes the United Kingdom as well as Brazil. Currently, there are about 90 million accounts who tap to see the tags in the shopping posts on this platform during each of the months.


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