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The CEO of Brian Krzanich has disclosed it during the analyst event which was done in the last week. It will be having to first discrete graphics chips, and they are available in 2020. This is going to mark the beginning of the chip giant’s journey, and it is towards a portfolio of about high-performance graphics products that are used for various markets which include gaming, AI, and data center.

In some of the rumors, it suggested that launch at CES 2019 will be coming in January and it might be where Intel INTC +0.55 percent and it makes the graphics reveal. The company never adopted the timeline, and it would have been an overly aggressive and it is in no way that it is reasonable with the development process of the new silicon design.

In November 2017, Intel has brought on board Raja Koduri, and they lead the graphics and compute initiatives inside the company. Koduri was in charge of the graphics division at AMD, and it helps in development and growth of the Radeon brand. The departure of the Intel was thought to have a significant impact on the industry.

There is a typical architecture and the chip development cycle which is about three years for complex, and it is even hitting the 2020 window with the engineering talent, and they are aggressive.  Intel has not mentioned any details about the performance level or target market, but the first discrete GPU solution might be addressed by Intel’s executive vice president of the data center group, Navin Shenoy. He has confirmed that the company is now planning to include solutions for the data center segments with the help of the client.

This includes the part of the wider-scale AI and machine-learning strategy for Intel which includes the discrete graphics chip products which come in addition to other options which are Xeon processor family, custom AI chips like Nirvana-based NNP and its acquisitions of Altera.


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