iOS 12, Apple

Apple has just announced the iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference. This software is said to be defining the experience of the 2018’s iPhone models, and it also updates the current iPhones and iPads when it will be launching its new devices in late 2018.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has taken the stage in San Jose, California, on Monday at the annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) to preview the new software features for the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.  The company has announced the next generation mobile software iOS 12 which is packed with the performance improvements and also have some features like animated version about you and a tool which will help in combat in your tech addiction.

Apple made a huge announcement which are a redesigned look, Siri upgradations and reworked photos app which is for the later version of the software and it focuses on stability and digital balance with the flashy conditions. The most shocking announcements are the Memoji, and in this, you can create your emoji by yourself.

The announcements include the launching of the faster camera openings which is now quick and the popping of the Keyboard which is now more swift. Apple claims that iOS 12 has speedier animations and when you will try Control Center or swipe while doing multitasking, it is seen that it is more fluid and responsive.

Apple has also created a more consistent feel which is between the gesture-controlled iPhone X and the iPad. It is seen that the company is bringing some swipe gestures to the tablet.

The other feature is SMS one-time passcode autofill. As a result, the user will be not required to switch over to Messages to copy and paste the two-factor authentication code with the apps that you log in. It seems that iOS 12 is recognising these codes and it suggests them as an autofill option.

Apple also seems to be adding the tools to help its customers to use their phone less, and it is a direct response to criticisms that the company has received earlier this year from the shareholders which are worried about the phone addiction. Apple also added a page for the users to see apps which send you the most notifications.

The other feature also includes FaceTime which is soon to be able to support video chats which are up to 32 people.



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