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As per the given report, Apple will conduct an annual developer conference event in San Jose, California, the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) where Apple is to unfold the latest version of four operating platforms such as MacOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. The main attraction of this event is iOS, as it is most widely, used.

Many people think that iOS has a long way to compete with Android but, I don’t think, that after the launch of the latest version of iOS, it would happen.

Here is each and, everything you want to know about the latest version of iOS.

iOS 13 Release Date

As per the information, iOS 13 will be released, during the starting days of June at WWDC. iOS 13 release date can be of 3 June, Monday could be the official WWDC 2019 date and this date is not specified or officially announced by the Apple. It is like last year on Monday, June 4, 2018, WWDC was held, and the year ere it was Monday, June 5, 2017. We can clearly see Monday on every WWDC event, so we can assume that it could be a trend or we can assume iOS 13 release date can be of 3 June, Monday.

And as we all know, Apple always releases several betas versions. And as we know the final version of the iOS will be, released in September as a lead into the announcement of the next round of iPhones.

iOS 13 Backward Compatibility

The common characteristic method of Apple is to support hardware back for many generations, even though older devices cannot see the full features set of the latest software.

Apple iOS 12 sustains iPhone 5s as well as a broad suite of other iOS devices. Provided the span of the iPhone 5s’ processor, and actually, we do not get shocked at all, by knowing that, compatibility shifted with some feature disabled if they need particular hardware like AI engine.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Yes, it is confirmed and true, that iOS 13 will get DarkMode feature. As we have received in macOS with MacOS10.14 Mojave prior year.

Some people have enabled the Dark Mode on their Apple devices on there own. But this latest iOS 13 will have the best and superb Dark Mode.

iOS 13 – Removing The Heavy Home Screen Icon

This rumor exists for, several years that Apple is trying to cop up with the heavy home screen icon. And seriously, Apple has already started working on a fully improved home screen, removing the home screen icon, and this all will make Apple devices, more user-friendly and give excellent user interface to the device.

It directly indicates that widgets and dynamic elements will surely become part of the iOS front end.

Genuinely, I want this to be strong, and completely controlled by Apple and only available to their core apps but not to all apps before the important, APIs are opened to mobile app developers. And as per the given information, this new interface has a codename “Yukon.”

iOS 13 Will Transform iPad

If you want to begin the fight between lacks social skills person, start your conversation with “The iPad is a great laptop replacement”.

The iPad is one of the best laptops, but if we look at its feature, it does not stand in a full-blown laptop replacement, especially for power users. Apple dedicated refuse users to grant access to the filesystem and how you can multitask, as it does not permit two windows from the same app to display side by side, except for some limited situations, the iPad’s seriously disrupts the functionality.

But happily, Apple is trying to cop up with File app and it definitely transforms the file app and suitable windows for apps and the capability to have two instances of the same app running, after this, you can easily compare two documents at the same time.

iOS 13 – Multiple Users Feature

As we all know iPhone is a private device and many of us share the same iPad with our family members, also. This is a big reason to worry, as it means email accounts and other personal information can be easily exposed or you can say can easily be seen by other family members. Also, several institutes and schools have fleets iPad that is used by several environments.

So, Apple is now going to enable the multi-user mode, with strongly controlled tools, which will surely help and ease with which iPads can be used in shared environments.

This is the most awaited feature right now. And this particular change that I think never have flown in the time of Steve Job’s leadership because he thought iPad is a private device. But as we all know, people from around the world not use iPad as a personal device, they use the iPad as a shared device. So this is the main reason, why many people want multi-user accounts on the iPad.

iOS 13 – Updated Health and Activity Apps

Apple’s Health and Activity Apps on the iPhone are quite good but the information about fractures in two apps seems silly. And, you can only see your information about health from only one device – iPhone.

There is some murmur that Apple is going to add the health and wellness apps to the iPad making it possible to see your all health records on the big screen.

There are several advantages but the important advantage is that it opens the capability to smarter software that can easily move data into actionable advice. In the end, it will give knowledge about, what exercise I had performed, what I ate and how good I slept. But positioning them together to get some insights so I can adjust my behavior is skillful.

Apple has been working with healthcare professionals for many years. iOS 13 may be released where they are transferred from data collection into data insights.

iOS – Car Play More Improved

CarPlay is the most used app, recently. And Apple is going to improve the CarPlay app definitely.

iOS 13 – Improved iMessage Services

I the latest version of iOS, we can easily view recent emails, messages, and other interactions in a single touch.


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