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A bug which can harm the privacy of the user has been detected in FaceTime and it is spreading all over the world with the help of social platforms. The main drawback of this bug is, it allows you to call any person with the help of FaceTime, and instantly hear the voice coming from other person’s phone and not only when he accepts your call even he reject or do nothing to incoming call. As per the Apple report, this bug will be discussed in a software update “after a few weeks”. After all, this happens Apple take down its FaceTime to make changes and to fix the bug.

Image Source: OSXDaily

As this bug cause, some personal privacy problem as anyone can hear the voice in any iOS user, even though it will ring in a normal way, so can not able to openly acknowledged about it. And there is no clear hint or indication on the recipient’s side that you can listen any of the voice.

As per the given information, there is a new bug which is found that can also give access to the voice as well as video too.

As per the information, you can generate the FaceTime bug with an iPhone XR calling an iPhone X, but it will work only in the iOS 12.1 or upper version.

Method to do an iPhone FaceTime bug:

  1. Open a FaceTime video call app in the iPhone saved contacts.
  2. While the call is ringing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press Add Person.
  3. Now what you have to do is Add your own phone number in the box appeared in the Add Person screen.
  4. Now it will start a group FaceTime call including you and now you can hear the voice of a person you called, even if he does not pick up the incoming call.

It seems like in the User Interface (UI) that the other person has connected to the group chat, but on the other hand in the original device, it will still be ringing on the lock screen.

It a serious bug that can cause harm to the person’s private talk. As anyone can listen to the audio or voice of any iPhone user’s ongoing conversation without knowing them that anyone can hear the voice and can hear the personal talk. Now we have to be aware of that till Apple fix this bug. There is only one way to get rid of this bug is to disable FaceTime completely.

So be aware if your phone is ringing with an incoming FaceTime request, the person who is calling you can hear the voice of you without your permission. We have also found a similar problem with an iPhone calling a Mac.

Till then, Apple suggests everyone to disable the FaceTime in iOS setting to get rid of this bug. And Apple also gives assurance that it fixes this bug quickly and provide the software update in a few weeks.


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