In the era of digital world where technology is known as the solution of the rising environmental crises, we don’t have any idea that the solution to our problem is also a problem to the environment. According to France’s  CNRS research center, a single megabyte email consumes 25 watts per hour of energy which shows the carbon emission in the atmosphere is around 20 grams, It may not seem much but maybe you are forgetting that in a day an average number of emails sent is 293 billion will be sent this year and the power will mostly be generated from the fossil fuels.

One of the reasons behind the large consumption of energy is the heavy mobile application like Snapchat which drains the battery fast as it opens the camera automatically. Then there come the servers which store a large of data worldwide, which consumes a huge amount of energy to run and a lot of energy to air cool the system to prevent the system getting too hot. The French think-tank Shift Project said in a recent report, “Under the current global energy mix, the share of greenhouse gas emissions from information and communication technologies will rise from 2.5 percent in 2013 to four percent in 2020.”

Facebook signed a partnership with Greenpeace a few years ago as they pledge to use clean energy. Gary Cook, an IT campaigner at Greenpeace said, “The idea that the IT sector can help tackle climate change is not a new one – They’ve been talking about it for over ten years, and what we need now to see is action, Given their rapid growth, decisions about how they get their power become really critical.” According to Greenpeace data, the song Gangnam Style was watched more than 2.7 billion times and was recorded that it consumed the amount of power which is produced yearly by a small power plant.



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