The Sun is getting hotter each day through which we can conclude the end of life on planet Earth. It is burning every day through its ingredients and becoming hotter day by day. The Sun is emitting more heat that is affecting the greenhouse, resulting in the atmosphere trapping this heat. Due to the Nuclear Fusion taking place in the sun, hydrogen atoms fuse together and releasing a large amount of heat. So, larger the number of hydrogen atoms will fuse together larger the amount of heat would be released. Ultimately, this heat will surround Earth in a way making it difficult for human survival and hence making the Earth uninhabitable.

Image Source: NASA

The Sun is extremely large covering 99.8% mass of the whole solar system, but now this mass is continuously getting consumed which in turns expanding the Sun and give off more heat. Science podcast wrote in an article, “When enough time goes by, the sun’s changes will render Earth uninhabitable.” With the passage of time, the sun will definitely enter its giant phase. And once it enters that phase it would be impossible to survive on Earth.

Each and every little thing will start to boil. It has been analyzed that after 1-2 billions of years, Water bodies will start boiling and the sun will be so hot that it would make the water impossible over the earth’s atmosphere. And as we know Earth is the only planet having water which is the only reason for living here. The moment the sun will enter its giant phase, all of the water be vanished due to evaporation. So, No Water No Life. As the sun continues to lose its mass this way, the earth will be approaching towards its inevitable fate. The rising temperature does bother as the solar radiations are getting harmful day by day and by the time it is going to be hard to survive.


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