Moon, Green Moon

Once again the internet is flooded with the viral news and people have gone way too long thinking whether the news is true or just humour. If it is to believe the social media, the moon will glow green tonight in the sky that will reflect the light of Uranus on all over the earth’s surface. has confirmed that the “green moon” is a complete hoax that was originated on the social media platforms in the year 2016. A post clarified the audience that the moon would appear green on May 29 that certainly did not happen though!  The original post was later got hijacked, and the date was shifted to April 20 which is presumably considered as the unofficial national weed day. The last time earth witnessed a green moon was 420 years ago, according to the post.

Unfortunately, Uranus is not going to bathe earth with its light whatsoever this evening. According to the reports, the moon will appear only about half the sky away from that of Uranus. Even if Uranus gets closer to the moon, it will still be far away from earth to light it up completely. When you consider the orbital gyrations of the solar system, Uranus can only sit between 1.6 billion miles and almost two billion miles from that of earth’s surface.

Even though the earth’s surface won’t turn green tonight, it will certainly be a treat to watch the moon in the sky tonight. A sharp light slender will get illuminated when the earth’s satellite passes through the waxing phase of Uranus. If you gaze up at the sky tonight, you can get a glance at the shooting star because as according to the reports, the earth is only two days from witnessing the Lyrids meteor shower.


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