Apple rebuilding Maps with a complete overhaul

The legal battle between the Apple and Qualcomm continues till now, and the United States International Trade Commission has recommended on Sunday that the trade judge has found Apple guilty of infringing the Qualcomm’s patents. This move will be blocking the import of the iPhones.

The chipmaker company of San Diego has filed a complaint against the Apple which was a year ago and asked the commission to ban the import of the iPhones which contains rival chipmaker Intel’s modem chips, and it will help the mobile phones connect to wireless data networks.

Qualcomm has requested to ban on import on the infringing iPhones. The chipmaker usually hopes that such a ban and it is a threat to one would push Apple to settle or drop the legal war against the Qualcomm. These two companies are fighting since a decade over a dozen patents, contracts and licensing.

According to the Apple, Qualcomm has selected to assert its patents to target only Apple products, and it contains Intel Chipsets which was even though the patent infringement allegations. This will apple equal to Apple products and it contains Qualcomm chipsets, and it is an attempt to use the ITC as another mechanism for perpetuating the ill-gotten monopoly position.

The trail which was going on in Washington, the ITC staff have said that Apple has violated the Qualcomm’s patents which were around the battery-saving technology.  The ITC staff acts a third party in the type of trade cases, and the staff lawyers have options for not binding. In the previous case, Apple has argued about the Qualcomm’s patents which are invalid and regardless the judge should not ban the Intel-based iPhones. It would allow Qualcomm as a monopoly and on modems in the United States, and it would drive the Intel out of the modem business. But ITC decision is not the final word.


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