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As we all know there are huge numbers of hackers out there, having a new, unleaked password is so important now times. Because it cannot be cracked or hack easily. Only because of that, Google announced and released a new Chrome extension that helps you to make sure your password has not been hazarded and are still able to secure and safeguard your account.

The name suggested by Google to its new Chrome extension is ‘Password Checkup’, which will ask you for the username and password as you use it and checks it against a registry of leaked credential. On its official blog post, Google published that the bank of compromised passwords it practices or use to review your account includes 4 billion threatening names and password combination, much more.

Google, Google Chrome Extension, Extension, Password Checkup, New Feature
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As per Google guidelines, the Password Checkup does not allow anyone to see or save your security information. Both the registry and your current security data are encrypted and chopped into small pieces multiple times, and cross-referencing is done using a technique called blindfolding, this feature allows Google Chrome extension to match your information with records on the list without reading or saving each one. The status of your password is only available using a key stored locally on the device using the extension so, you are the single person that can identify what the extension sets up.

Google Chrome extension ‘Password Checkup’ does obtain little usual data or information such as how many numbers of time password in Google’s database gets reviewed and whether or not a password gets altered or changed after it is displayed to be insecure. And for all this Google also has a complete explanation of the process on its security blog post, in any case, if you want to learn more about it.

I would like you to tell that Google is not the first one to introduce this service, that checks your account data against past leaks. Out of many, there is one of our favorite that is 1Password, which gives you the feature called Watchtower Integration, which handle and review your saved password against ‘Have I Been Pwned’, a huge, openings searchable database of leaked passwords.

But after comparing both Password Checkup and Watchtower Integration, we have found one main difference between them is Google Chrome extension is free and you can easily check your accounts on your own against ‘Have I Been Pwned’, but the main point is that Password Checkup does it on a repeated basis and automatically increases the probability that you will overtake a bad password in time to safeguard yourself.


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