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On a significant set back to Trump’s policy, a federal judge blocked the rule to have health insurance to get visas for the immigrants. Previously, the administration made a rule to have health insurance, those who fail to have one, required to pay for their medical care in advance to be eligible to get visas. One of the federal district judges in the United States, Michael Simon, has put a temporary hold on the rule, which is going into effect from next Sunday. 

Image Credit: The Guardian

About the Ruling

The federal lawsuit filed by a non-profit organization and seven citizens of the United States last Wednesday. The rule will block around two-third of the potential legal immigrants, the lawsuit claimed. They also claimed that the government would result in a mass elimination of immigrants who are coming via family-sponsored visas. 

Esther Sung, a senior litigator of Justice Action Center, appreciates the judgment. Esther defended the block in the hearing. The new rule could separate families and might cut the number of immigrants by a significant amount, revealed the litigator. 

More About the Controversial Rule

The proclamation would affect the people who are seeking visas from foreign countries. The rule does not affect permanent citizens, refugees, children, and asylum seekers. 

The rule states that people having no health insurance policy or financial resources for their medical needs will be barred from entering the country. The new law is an attempt to limit the non-citizens to access public programs. The administration desires to transform to a merit-based system from a family-based arrangement. 

Experts believe that the rule was a true reflection of President Trump’s America First policy. Previously, the White House said that non-citizens are taking unfair advantages of the country’s public health program and increase the government’s healthcare costs. The employer or the individual itself can bring the desired insurance. Short-term insurance is also eligible for getting the visa, the White House added. 



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