A piece of great news for all of the astronomers and the stargazers who are fond of looking at the stars and planets all the time. Here is the big opportunity for all the peps around the world as this month is going to be fruitful for all the gazers out there. This is the best opportunity for all see our neighboring planets. Planet Jupiter is at its prime position this month and it is the best time to look over the planet and its fellow stars.

As we all know that Jupiter is the biggest planet in the entire solar system and now that the planet is at its prime position, Jupiter will be shining bright during the night and it is that time of the year when the planet is brighter than ever. This happens once in a while when the planet is at the opposite position of the Earth than the sun and it is also the high time when Earth and Jupiter are closest to each other. The Jupiter will come in the position on June 10.

As per AccuWeather Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel, “The Earth will basically be exactly between Jupiter and the sun, so the gas giant will be visible in the night sky dusk until dawn.” The Jupiter will rise from the east and set at the west in the night. The best view of Jupiter will be on Monday and it will be visible from all of the eastern US and some parts of Cannada. According to the weather forecast, there will be clouds all over the sky in the central US. Those who will not be able to see the planet on Monday will also get a chance to see the planet and its stars later when the sky will be clear and the planet will be visible throughout the month of June.


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