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As it is not a big or huge change made to iOS but with the help of this small change now user can easily manage Apple subscriptions. In the latest iOS update of the mobile OS (12.1.4 and 12.2 beta), the company has established the ‘Manage Apple Subscriptions‘ setting so it is only one step away when you tap on your profile photo in the App Store, rather than going deep inside the settings.

It looks like a little change, but seriously, we need this one.

There are several numbers of a mobile app which ask for subscriptions as they want to generate more and more revenue, now it is becoming a serious matter and now it is important to secure and inform consumers about how to turn off their Apple subscriptions. As per the reading of the numerous numbers of angry App Store app reviews, and several numbers of people don’t know how to turn off their subscriptions. Most of the time, consumer reaches out to the developers to turn off their subscriptions and they don’t know that it’s the developer who is charging them for it.

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The main fault is not of consumers, but the main and valid reason that consumers do not know about it. Apple had made getting to the subscription management screen, notably more complicated than it should be.

Before the Latest iOS Update

1. The first step, open the iOS settings
2. Then click on the iTunes (For eg. only).
3. Then open Apple ID.
4. Confirm the Apple ID.
5. Now you have to scroll down to locate the hidden settings.

Latest iOS Update

1. Click your profile icon in the App Store.
2. You will see ‘Manage Subscriptions’ right there.

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3. Just that, Now you can easily access it, without scrolling down.

This little change helps in making and accessing to critical feature easier. But unluckily, Apple has not made identical changes to clarify the path to the subscription management in iOS’s foremost settings.

The main and the most useful strength behind, increasing revenue for iPhone is subscription only. Consumers are spending a lot on subscription.

As per the latest report was given by Sensor Tower tells that iPhone user in the U.S on average spent over $79 on apps in 2018, and now it is rising up 36 percent from last year. And much of that is only because of mobile gaming, as always, but subscription-based apps are now sporting a huge role in generating more revenue.

Manage apple subscriptions, cancel apple music subscription, apple subscriptions, apple app subscription,
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Unluckily, as we can see not all the games developers have been following the rules and regulation laid by the App Store. Several apps makers were practicing misleading tactics to force users to subscribe such as hiding the total price from the consumers, using complex buttons and user interfaces or opinion they join a free trial package that ends up only lasting three days.

In the end, Apple updated and declared its latest guidelines to additional turn out, what is and is not permitted. But by declaring and making its latest guidelines and implementing them are two other concepts. For the time being able to figure out which subscriptions you have and turning off those you don’t require to be easier, meantime.

And, we also came to know that Apple is planning to launch remarkable latest subscriptions of its own.

The Latest iOS update to manage Apple Subscriptions will be rolling out worldwide soon.


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