Latest Set-Top Box By Shadow Ghost, Give Great Cloud Game Experience
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Blade company was founded back in 2015. The blade is a company behind Shadow Ghost and the motive of this company is to give users more powerful devices and smaller devices for gaming. Now, the company is about to launch its latest set-top-box to give access to its cloud gaming services, called Shadow Ghost. And today, I am going to give you a review on this device, as I have been playing with this device a few weeks ago.

What Is Shadow?

Ultimately, Shadow is a powerful device or you can say Window computer device, which you can easily access anywhere. And Shadow is a best, or you can say, the great answer, to the solution of renewal of material.

As, I have told you before Shadow is a small set-up-bow that doesn’t perform a much bigger task. Basically, true magic, happens in a data, center, near your home. And it is not important to have set-up-box when you want to sign in into Shadow. You can easily subscribe to the service without any hardware device and instead of this, you can prefer the company’s app. With the help of Shadow application, any device which is connected to the internet can be a gaming device or workstation.

Basically, Shadow is a cloud computing service provider for gamers. The starting price of the plan, provided by the company is $35 per month, you can easily grant access to gaming PC in a data center and connect with any computer right now, There are 8, a long list provided by Shadow such as Nvidia Quadro P5000 GPU that is way useful as Nvidia Quadro GeForce GTX 1080, 12GB of RAM and 256Gb of internal storage, Intel Xeon 2620 processor. If you want more storage then, you can simply subscribe, extra subscription. It is a complete Window 10 example and you can perform, any activity you want to.

Latest  Set-Top Box By Shadow Ghost, Give Great Cloud Game Experience
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Now times, several numbers of subscribers, access Shadow with the help of one of the company’s applications on macOS, Linux or Window. And it also provides you to connect to your virtual machine from your iOS devices or Android devices. And now, there is new set-up-box introduced by Shadow, named Shadow Ghost, which will allow users to use the service on a TV or without a computer.

When the first time, I have used Shadow during the previous days of the service back in 2017. My foremost experience with this service felt like wonderful magic. And the big thanks to my high-speed fiber connection, I could play games, which I want to play on my laptop. The great part about the laptop users is they remain silent.

But it does not perform very well. Several times, Nvidia driver updates failed. And several numbers of time, you’re virtual machine would stop working or it will start dysfunctioning and without customer support team help, you can not get back your complete access to your virtual machine.

In a simple explanation, the idea and concept were great but a little bit bad in providing service.

There were several changes made after years of successively closer approximations to the solution of apps, the mainstreaming engines, the infrastructure and even the GPUs in the data centers. The CEO and co-founder of Blade, Emmanuel Freund informed, that the services have been working better for only a few months.

These technical improvements drove to less churn. and it does not give a shocking experience. Huge referrals and much more subscription. At the beginning of the company in 2018, there are only 20000 subscribers, but now, there are now more than 65000 subscribers. The best part is users are demanding more, but unfortunately, the Blade company is going through a hard time, cop-ing up with new machines in data centers.

Shadow is available in several countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and in some parts of the United States. As the company cannot accept customers from anywhere around the world because they require to live near a Data Centre with Shadow servers.

Shadow Ghost – Game Play

The first Shadow set-up-box was a little old-fashioned. You can hear, a fan’s saying, you had to depend on with full trust on dongles of you really want to pair Bluetooth devices or connect to a Wi-Fi network and there was no HDMI port, only display port.

At the beginning of the company startup in 2017, it was really difficult to inform the product, without some kind of physical device or you can replace a PC tower with a tiny box. However, gamers realize the benefits of cloud gaming, there is no need, to buy a box

Therefore, the Shadow Ghost can be a helpful and useful small device in a few cases. For example, while the company has launched an Android TV app and is testing an updated application for the Apple TV, and might be, you present, TV setup is not compatible with Shadow. Or a few times, you primarily use a laptop and you want to create a desktop PC setup with a display, a keyboard, a mouse and a Shadow Ghost developed by Blade company.

Latest  Set-Top Box By Shadow Ghost, Give Great Cloud Game Experience
Image Source: Shadow

Till now, all faults were fixed and almost every functionality, has been improved. This is the device, which has no haters and everyone has already become its fans. There are 6 ports to connect different-different devices such as Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an audio jack, and a single HDMI port. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have finally been integrated into the device.

When you, power-on the device, you will be able to see a menu in which, it will show you the two option, first is to connect the Wi-Fi network or control your Bluetooth devices. You can adjust the streaming setting, according to your requirements, like in the app launcher.

After you press the start button, the video stream begins and it felt like you are using a Window computer. With big picture mode Streaming, you can get well set up for couch gaming. And there is no problem if I have to play demanding games, such as Hitman 2. It operates wonderfully with a Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth controller.

Using the Shadow Ghost felt the same as using the Shadow application on a PC. So for me, it’s much difficult to say whether you require the Shadow Ghost or not. Basically, it depends on your setup at home and how you plan to use the services.

In the last season, Blade planned to develop more than 5000 units. But eventually, the user’s population for this device is growing rapidly, because of this former batch, it can be openly available to the public at any time. And its starting price starts from $140 only.

Shadow Ghost – Newly-Discovered

As we see, many numbers of people were talking about Cloud gaming. And there are several companies, who are trying hard with this concept for a long period of time such as Nvidia, Sony, it looks like almost every company is trying to develop a new service of some kind. And according to some rumors, the next generation Xbox is going to be about streaming a game from a data center. Maybe Amazon will give you the game library in the cloud as part of your Amazon Prime subscription.

The CEO and co-founder of Blade, Emmanuel Freund think, that it would be an opportunity for Shadow. If Google and Apple declare, that they are going to launch new services, then definitely, everyone is going to talk about cloud gaming. But the company startup has several years of experience in the space and has cop-ing hard to compensate when it comes to existing but not yet developed and internet speeds.

Latest  Set-Top Box By Shadow Ghost, Give Great Cloud Game Experience
Image Source: techcrunch

As there are several companies out there and all of them have to develop something great to compete with other companies on content though. All game publisher and console manufacturers could start launching exclusive titles on their cloud gaming services. And this is the main and big reason behind the imagination of Blade company, about new gaming experience and exclusive content that would make Shadow more than a technical service.


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