LG G7, LG G7 ThinQ , Boombox Speaker

LG Electronics is expected to launch its brand new smartphone, the G7 ThinQ on May 2. However, ahead of the launch, the company has been continuously teasing some of the features of the device. Recently, LG had boasted that the display of its anticipated G7 ThinQ smartphone would feature 1000 NIT brightness, but that is not all in store for you. The company has come forward with yet another detail of the flagship smartphone where LG has confirmed that the device will be debuting with a feature called as “Boombox Speaker.”

According to the information from Engadget, the Boombox Speaker feature on the upcoming smartphone will be able to increase the base sound level by over 6dB. This implies the LG G7 ThinQ smartphone will be apparently ten times louder than the regular smartphones. However, one will have to see if this remains to be true or not as we will probably need to test it out for ourselves. Another interesting feature the company claims is that the user can amplify the bass effects of the device further by placing it on an aluminum surface. 

The inclusion of the Boombox Speaker is not the only thing that will attract the users towards the phone. It is being said that the LG G6’s successor smartphone will also feature DTS:X 3D Surround Sound that will create a 3D sound experience when you have your headphones plugged into the 3.5mm jack on the phone. It sounds like a somewhat promising feature, especially for those users who love to watch videos on their phone. Moreover, just like other LG smartphones, the G7 ThinQ will also come with Hi-FI Quad DAC feature to help maximize audio accuracy.

The “super bright” LCD technology display on the smartphone that offers a maximum brightness of 1,000 NITs will make the G7 ThinQ just as bright as the OLED smartphones. The phone was also confirmed to feature a 6.1-inch QHD+ screen with a screen resolution of 3120 x 1440.

Additionally, it has also been confirmed that the new flagship device will feature a display notch. However, LG is giving an option to the users to blacken the space surrounding the notch via software controls. Lastly, it is also said that the G7 ThinQ will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor and will have 4GB RAM storage. However, one will have to wait to know about the other specifications and features of the smartphone during its unveiling event.


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