Location Privacy of Google is under investigation in Arizona
Image Source: NDTV Gadgets

The practice which is used by Google for many years by recording the location data about the Android device owners who are even when they believe that they have opted out if such tracking. This has sparked an investigation in Arizona in which the state attorneys general can potentially levy a hefty fine which is against the search giant.

The probe which is initiated by Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich has confirmed that this will be the person familiar with the thinking, but it is not the authorized to speak on the record. It could put pressure on other states along with the federal government who will follow suit as the consumer advocates that Google has insisted previously that it will not deceive the customers about the way that it collects the data as well as taps the data.

As per the attorney general, he signaled that his interest in this matter is about the public filing that has indicated about the office which had retained the law firm to assist an investigation. The document has dated 21st August 2018 which has said the hired lawyers that will help to probe the unnamed tech company. The storage of the consumer location data is about the tracking of the consumer location along with the consumer tracking with the help of the smartphone operating systems. The consumers have even to turn off the location services about the other steps to stop this tracking.

The document was dated to just a week ago which is after an investigation by the Associated Press. It was found that Google devices along with the services of the store time-stamped location data which is for the users are believed to had turned off about the data collection. This was verified with the help of researchers at Princeton University.


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