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In a new development, NASA said that the giant dust storm which was taking place on Mars has already taken about a quarter of the planet and it is now encircling the planet.

The NASA’s solar power opportunity rover has stopped the communication with NASA engineers after the June 10th as it did not have enough energy to function and it has been already put to sleep. The rover is now maintaining the radio silence as the dust storm has turned day into night on Mars.

The opportunity which is 15 years old has become the oldest rover that was operating on Mars. It is presently facing the wrath of the storm in Perseverance Valley, and it will be awake after the storm dies.

Perseverance Valley is said to be the area in which opportunity has been observing to learn about the creation of the valley and to channelized the carved which was present in the rim by Endeavour Crater. It has been tested so that the researchers can determine the sculpture of the valley by flowing water, wind erosion and the combination of factors.

The other rover of NASA Curiosity was also present on the Mars along with three orbiters which are the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, 2001 Mars Odyssey, and MAVEN. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter usually provides the Opportunity’s engineers an early warning about any storms and the other two orbiters can observe the amount of dust and can too study the behavior of the upper atmosphere.

The Curiosity rover runs with the nuclear power, so it was carrying its experiment and clicking pictures from another side of the planet. It does not depend on the solar power, and it helps the engineers of the mission updated about the storm.

Curiosity remained unaffected as it faces the rim of the crater and the photo shows that the haze is about 6 to 8 times thicker and it has blocked the sunlight.


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