An asteroid which has a diamond in it had exploded in Earth’s atmosphere during the year 2008. This asteroid is said to be a part of the lost planet which is from the lost Solar System. The planet known as “ Proto-Planet” was believed to be existed billions of years ago before breaking up in the collision and the size of the planet is said to be as large as Mercury or Mars.

The results that a team of researchers found got published in the journal Nature Communications. They said that the pressure that is required in order to produce the diamonds can only be available in this type of planets with this size. The researchers used three different types of microscopy, which characterized the mineral and chemical substance present in the diamond-bearing rocks. These rocks are scattered all over the Nubian desert of northern Sudan when the asteroid 2008 TC3 came in contact with the earth atmosphere.

The substances which are trapped inside the diamonds can only be formed in the pressure which is about 20 gigapascals (GPa). According to the scientists, they reported that this type of conditions can only be possible in large planet body not in all planets.

Farhang Nabiei, who is from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland, along with his colleagues took the measurements provided gives them results which shows “ the first compelling evidence for such a large body that has since disappeared.” These findings also help in making the theory more strong that today’s’ Solar System planets were the remains of the tens of large “ proto-planets.”

According to the researchers, they said that all the ureilite asteroids are the remains of the same proto-planet. The study shows us that the ureilite parent body was once a largely lost planet which was destroyed by collisions.



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