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Microsoft 365 Suite Adds Identity Theft Monitoring Service

Microsoft 365 subscribers now receive both identity theft protection and productivity tools. Microsoft has recently updated its security program, Defender, to include protection against identity theft.

Microsoft first came out with Defender in 2006. Since then, the app has only looked for holes in devices, scanning Windows 7, desktop Windows XP, and alternative operating systems for spyware. Defender is still free to use on Windows operating systems, but users who pay for Microsoft 365—a subscription service that gives users access to Word, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook, and other legendary Microsoft smartphone applications—now choose to get identity theft monitoring for free.

The new feature was made by Microsoft and Experian. “When Defender finds a threat to information in any of 64 categories, such as passwords, credit card details, social security numbers, and more, it tells the user exactly what information is at risk and how the breach happened. This helps users decide what to do next.

Microsoft 365 Suite Adds Identity Theft Monitoring Service

The defender also wants to help users deal with the aftermath. It also explains the risks of exposure. After all, a security flaw in an email is not the same as medical identity theft.

The theft of an individual’s identity almost always results in some kind of financial loss, so this is not the only thing that makes it so upsetting to victims. Microsoft has stated that customers who subscribe to Office 365 and experience identity theft will be compensated up to $1 million for the costs of restoring their identity (i.e., legal fees), in addition to receiving $100,000 for any lost funds.

The subscription tier determines 365 subscribers’ protection. Microsoft 365 Personal subscribers can monitor one person and five devices, while Family subscribers can monitor five people and five devices. Businesses using 365 don’t get Defender access because Defender was designed for families and individuals, and enterprise levels have their own security perks. Defender users must enable identity theft alerts.

Final Word!

Microsoft has updated its security program, Defender, to protect against identity theft. Microsoft 365 subscribers can get identity theft monitoring for free. The company compensates customers for up to $1 million for the costs of restoring their identity.

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