Microsoft has announced that it has acquired the Semantic Machines in order to boost its conversational AI like Cortana, Microsoft Cognitive Service, and the Azure Bot Service. The Semantic Machines usually works in the areas like speech synthesis, natural language, and deep learning.

Semantic Machines Inc is a company which is capable of developing the fundamental technology in order to allow the humans to interact with the computers in a natural way. This development was led by tech entrepreneur Dan Roth, who us the UC Berkeley professor Dan Klein and Stanford University professor Percy Liang.

Microsoft, Cortana

According to the David Ku, who is the CVP and Chief technology officer of Microsoft AI and Research said, “With the acquisition of Semantic Machines, we will establish a conversational AI center of excellence in Berkeley to push forward the boundaries of what is possible in language interfaces. Combining Semantic Machines’ technology with Microsoft’s own AI advances, we aim to deliver powerful, natural and more productive user experiences that will take conversational computing to a new level.”

This acquisition by the company is said to be the biggest win for the company as Semantic Machines team includes some good talents who have already worked with the core systems which powered Google. The CTO of the Semantics Machine is the former Chief Speech Scientist for Siri at Apple. This move comes when the conversational AI’s relevance feature is growing and smart speakers, chatbots, and other intelligent mobile assistants get benefit from the smarts which enable them to perform the works after taking the one off commands from the users.

Google is now the leader in the AI race, Amazon’s Alexa is also trying to build the library of skills in which it will work with the wide range of third-party apps, hardware, and software. Other AI like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung Bixby are trailing behind them as they have limited capabilities and compatibility.

Semantics Machines was founded in August 2014 and the company has got about $8.5 million in funding and in the next year, they have got $12.3 million. The investors of the company include General Catalyst Partners and Bain Capital Ventures. It is now interesting to see how Semantic Machines can help Microsoft to improve their AI Cortana.


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