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Mobile World Congress is the world biggest exposer which mainly focuses on smartphone and mobile devices and it will organize on 24 February 2019. And we can clearly feel that Microsoft is planning something big in its store. If the speakers on the invite are any indication, then the company can gear up for the next version of HoloLens.

Definitely, Alex Kipman is mentioned in the invitation, which leads Microsoft’s mixed reality efforts. Also presenting are CEO Satya Nadella and CVP Julia White, who is head of Azure and the cloud.

Image source: TNW

In the past few years, Microsoft does not go well or have a great presence at MWC. at least, not since Windows Phone – which makes everyone wonder. Given that we do not expect to see the legendary Surface phone as soon as Q4 (and Surface honcho Panos Panay is not on the list), HoloLens is the most likely hardware announcement.

Surely it is possible that Microsoft is making plans to talk up its services or waiting to announce something not similar altogether, as timing seems right. In 2015, the original HoloLens was declared. It is ancient in terms of technology, especially considering how much processing technology and display technology has involved yet.

If we look back in 2017 Thurrott’s Brad Sams told that Microsoft had decided to leave, which was considered HoloLens 2. Instead, it worked on what would happen to further improvements in HoloLens 3. In other words, we will be looking at two generations worth of upgrades.

The main problem originated in the latest version is its restricted field of view. Covering a small rectangle in front of you only. I think the new version will address it, which will make it more attractive to regular people, as opposed to its current market in enterprise and research space. Other reports have pointed towards the HoloLens 2 will also include Microsoft’s latest generation of the Kinect sensor and a custom AI chip to improve performance, Snapdragon 850 processor, a better 3D sensor and custom AI hardware.

Microsoft’s press invitation does not provide an a3y clue as to what else we can see in this incident. Julia White leads the product manager of Microsoft’s cloud platforms including Azure, so we are likely to hear something about the company’s cloud plans for 2019.


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