Microsoft to acquire Lobe: Everything you need to know
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Today Microsoft has announced that it is going to acquire Lobe. Lobe is a startup company that can let you build machine learning models with the help of the simple drag and drop interface. The company now plans to the user the Lobe which is said to be only launched into the beta version which was earlier this year. It will be built upon to make the buildings AI models easier which is done for the time being. Lobe is said to get operated as it was done before.

It is said that as a part of the Microsoft, the company can now able to deliver some world class AI research which is global infrastructure along with the decades of experience that builds the developer tools. It was written in a statement which was published by the team. They now plan to continue the develop the service that can support the open source standards along with the multiple platforms.

Lobe was said to be co-founded by Mike Matas, who is now working on the iPhone and iPad along with Facebook’s Paper as well as Instant Articles products. The other co-founders of the company are Adam Menges as well as Markus Beissinger.

In addition to this, Microsoft has now brought It is a deep reinforcement learning platform along with the Semantic Machines, which is a conversational AI platform. Last year it was said that it had acquired a Disrupt battlefield participant called Maluuba. It now seems that all the major firm are now acquiring much talent as well as technology as they can fir themselves.

As per Kevin Scott, who is Microsoft EVP and CTO said in a statement that this is said to be a large part which is due to AI development as well as they build the deep learning models which are said to be slow as well as complex processes which are even experienced with the data scientists along with developers.


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