Window Phones, Microsoft

A new report has revealed that tech giant Microsoft has finally sold all of its Windows mobile devices. Microsoft had launched its last self-manufactured Lumia smartphone a few years ago. And its first-party handset called the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL got sold out long ago. Since, the last one and half year, Microsoft was selling three third-party devices, the Alcatel Idol 4S, the HP Elite x3 and the HP dock bundle at a highly discounted price. Now, as per the latest reports, all the three devices have been sold out from the Microsoft store.

Only three Galaxy devices and one Razer phone are available via Microsoft store, and all these are compatible with Microsoft launcher App.  That means Microsoft has finally put an end to the sale of its Windows 10 mobile devices. But if you still want to get those phones then can purchase them on auction sites, Amazon, eBay and other retailers. Also, Wileyfox is still selling its Microsoft-friendly Pro device at a price tag of £199.99.

The Wileyfox Pro smartphone promises Microsoft support until December 2019. It was speculated earlier that the sale Microsoft Windows 10 mobile devices will come to a halt soon. Now, the devices have finally become out stock from Microsoft’s official store. Reports say that Microsoft is not in a mood to make the stock of Windows phones available again. In spite of severe price cuts, very few people were interested in buying the Windows phones. Also, the increasing dominance of Android and Apple iOS is not helping Microsoft either.

According to GSM Arena, the phones might still be available in some physical Microsoft stores. Although all the windows phones have been sold out, Microsoft is having a steady run in the Windows operating system for PCs and laptops. Its Windows 10 OS has been doing good, and there is an update coming soon for the Windows 10.


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