Addictive painkiller, Woman

In a shocking incident, a Middletown woman who has worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative has been testified in court. She has participated in a scheme as a New Jersey sales representative for Insys, which is an Arizona-based pharmaceutical company where doctors were paid and bribes to prescribe Subsys, which is a powerful fentanyl-based opioid painkiller.

The name of the woman is Michelle Breitenbach, who is 38 years of age and is of Middletown, New Jersey. She was pleaded guilty by the court for the second-degree charge of conspiracy to commit commercial bribery. She admitted that doctors, who are in return for the off-label prescribing of Subsys and were paid kickback and bribes in the form of speaker fees for the marketing or education events.

The doctors who all participate in Insys “Speakers Bureau Program” have spoken at events about the spreading of awareness to the other doctors about Subsys. This event includes free meals at expensive restaurants and doctors were paid as speakers even if didn’t utter a single word. Breitenbach has testified the management at Insys pressured the sales representatives to promote the Speakers Bureau Program which is a primary means and it means to drive the increased sales of Subsys. She confessed that the payments which are made to the doctors as speakers are for prescribing more Subys.

The AG argued with a pharmaceutical company that they are putting the public at risk with an unlawful marketing campaign which was designed to increase the sales of Subsys. Subsys is the spray form of fentanyl which was approved by the FDA for the intense breakthrough pain which was related to end-stage cancer. AG said that doctors could legally prescribe drugs for off-label use, but the company is trying to influence healthcare providers for prescribing this drug with payments or other benefits which is illegal.

The Attorney General’s office has filed a pending complaint which seeks to revoke the license of Warren County pain management practitioner Dr. Kenneth Sun for accepting over $136,000 from Insysto prescribe Subsys. The New Jersey Attorney General’s office also filed a suit against the Purdue Pharma L.P. last year in connection with the alleged deceptive marketing of opioid painkillers which are known as OxyContin. The court will sentence Breitenbach on July 6th, and she is now facing five years in jail.


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