Many scientists have been tried to prove that the world is flat. Now, a self-taught rocket scientist named Mad Mike Hughes launched himself in his self-made steam-powered rocket to prove Earth is flat.  He managed to travel around 1,875 feet into the sky on Sunday. Well, even though the rocket successfully blasted off from the Mojave Desert, situated around 321 km on the east of Los Angeles, his descent nearly turned disastrous and hit the ground at a speed of 350 mph. While falling down, he deployed tow parachute to slow down the rocket but that didn’t work and he crash landed about 450m away from the launch site.

As per the report, he had faced many delays in the launch. The reason behind this was some technical difficulties and also issues obtaining logistic permission from the Bureau of Land Management. Hughes stated “I’m tired of people saying I chickened out and didn’t build a rocket. I’m tired of that stuff. I manned up and did it.”

While blasted off from the ground, the rocket didn’t get its required thrust of 350 psi. The rocket took off at 340 psi.  Waldo Stakes, who has helped Hughes in this stated that before ejecting from the rocket, Hughes traveled at around 350 mph.  When the rocket crashed on land, its nose broke into two parts. To develop the rocket, he has spent around $20,000 and he was building the rocket since last 10 years.

Hughes informing about his health condition stated “I did take a pretty hard hit and I am feeling it right now. I believe I have a compressed fracture in one of my lower vertebrae.” Next, he will run for governor of California. He stated, “I want to do it.”


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