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In a new study, the astronomers who are from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney and Ege University in Turkey has said that they have used the ersatz interstellar dust to estimate the amount of space grease in our galaxy.

This is like the vegetable oils and animal fats we have used in cooking, and this intergalactic lubricant is the form of an oily form of aliphatic carbon. This is one of the two types of chemically bound compounds which are leaking from the stars. The other thing is mothball like aromatic carbon.

The researchers have got into the shock after finding that carbon has incorporated into the interstellar dust. This study which was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and it says that it is enough for 40 trillion and trillion of butter packs.

According to Tim Schmidt, who is the UNSW Sydney professor said in a statement that this space grease is not like the kind of grease that you ever want to spread on your slice of toast. It is very dirty and also toxic. It forms in the environment of interstellar space.

The international team of researchers has manufactured its version of space dust, and they have used to determine how strongly the material has absorbed the light within the certain infrared wavelength which is a marker for aliphatic carbon.

As per Schmidt, who is from the Australian Research Council Center of Excellence in Exciton Science in the School of Chemistry said that when the lab results are combining with the observations from astronomical observations which allows us to measure the amount of aliphatic carbon which is between us and the stars out in the space.

They conclude from the study that there are more than 100 greasy carbon atoms for every million hydrogen atoms which have accounted for between one quarter and it is for one half of the available carbon.


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