Mobvoi is again a Chinese company which is giving tough competition to another brand in terms of voice search and also in the way of smartwatches. The interesting fact is that it is quite a new brand which is launched just 6 years ago and having a great view of its product and technology as well. According to Wikipedia, we got to know that this brand has many certified marketers and engineers who all are giving their best in making good features products and devices(gadgets). The major point on which Mibvoi is famous is that it gives the best Voice Search Service featured in the social networking app which is named as Wechat.

Getting more business worldwide Mobvoi started manufacturing smartwatches with Frog Design and has released Ticwatch around 4 years back which got great results in the market and also gave competitions to many. Mobvoi also has a platform for giving and promoting their products which are the Consumer Electronics Show(CES).

From 2016 the race for smartwatches begin and Mobvoi also launched its updated model of Ticwatch named as Ticwatch 2 which was also released in CES 2016. Therefore now below is the complete description of the price and more feature for Mobvoi Ticwatch S and E. But one thing which would be a surprise you is that Mobvoi has its new smartwatch which is TicWatch E2 as well as TicWatch S2 at the event CES 2019.

Both the watch looks great but have a slight difference between the two, the TicWatch S2 looks completely as a hicking watch and more for travelling whereas when you will look for TicWatch E2 it looks for all-purpose and has an attractive design. Reports also said that it has a fitness-focused design.
But the interesting thing is that both the watches you will opt for have the same size as the display, 1.39-inch and that too comes with AMOLED display and have a strap of 22 mm.

Both the watch, the TicWatch S2 as well as TicWatch E2 holds the same level of features and internal processor. For example, both have the same processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 which is somehow good for the users and will be effective. Also, the connectivity(Bluetooth) is the same and comes with Bluetooth v4.1and for Wifi connectivity it holds 802.11 b/g/n.

the major thing for which the smartwatch is known for is the sensor quality and feature which it gives. Therefore here you don’t have to compare between the two because both the watches, TicWatch S2 and TicWatch E2 is capable of measuring Accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, low latency off body sensor. Also gives a complete day battery backup as it has 415mAh battery.

The most interesting thing which this has is that it is capable of connecting with both iOS as well as Android. Therefore the restriction for users has been declined. As said above that it has Snapdragon 2100, but the company said that it will be soon updated to Wear 3100 chipset which will surely result in better performance as well as battery life. The best thing which the company shares is that it is capable and have a feature of 5ATM water resistance rating.

From the above stats and feature, you can completely have an idea that which is most suitable for you and which will look stunning.


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