Mosquito-borne Keystone virus can jump from  mosquitoes to human

In a new study which was done by researchers from the University of Florida have already confirmed that a new mosquito-borne virus has come and it can jump from infecting animals to infecting humans.

The study says that a mosquito-borne illness can seriously affect the brain of the human.  As per the previous study, it was believed that it had been transmitted to animals only but in the recent study, it has been seen that it can get transmitted to the human body for the very first time.

The first case about this illness came from Keystone virus, and it has been identified that a 16-year-old boy was affected by this disease. This came to surface after a year of tests and analysis which was done by Glenn Morris, who is the director of the University of Emerging Pathogens Institute. The teen was infected with this disease when he attended a band camp in North Florida last summer. After getting infected with it, he has suffered from severe fever and rash.

The doctors could not identify this disease immediately, and they tested him for Zika and various other pathogens, but nothing works on him, and they always hit the dead ends after the test. According to the Morris, they said that they could not identify the symptoms and they have screened him with all types of standard approaches, and it takes them a year to figure out what type of virus has been infected to him.

This keystone virus can affect your brain cells and may pose a risk for a brain infection, and there is no test to identify this keystone virus. Morris added by saying that this virus had never been previously found in humans and the infections may be common in northern Florida.

He said that more research should be done on this virus and a way should be found out so that this virus can be controlled and also decrease the contracting level of the virus by the help of mosquito repellent.


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