The Falcon 9 rocket by Space X was launched on Saturday morning and is now on its way to International Space Station. The Falcon 9 rocket took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in the very morning tearing the winds and making its exit. It took just 12 minutes for Falcon 9 to exit the orbit as it deployed its solar panel and started its journey to ISS.

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The pictures from the ISS will be captured on Sunday. The rocket first stage landed at night at just 28km far from the launch site. The landing was captured with the help of an infrared camera. The launch was delayed earlier because of some electrical failure, explained by Kenny Todd who is the lab’s Operations Integration Manager at the post-launch press conference.

Todd conveyed, “When we went through the countdown yesterday the SpaceX team was working hard, there was a lot going on, and I’ve got to applaud them because everything that was hitting the screen they were dealing with, There was a lot of talk on the loops when you consider the weather, the wind, the issues with the drone ship, the helium leak.” According to SpaceX, the engineers were not aware of the helium leak until the last moment.

After the launch, Todd conveyed, “We knew we had today, we knew the weather was supposed to be much better today, In the end, SpaceX had to make the call. But I think one of our senior engineers whose watched an incredible number of these missions said, ‘You know, sometimes the universe is talking to you, and sometimes you need to listen to it.’ And the reality is when we went through all of that yesterday it seemed like the universe was talking to us. So in the end, I thought it was an OK trade.”


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