International Space Station is one of the biggest achievement every unlocked by the human race. After the collaboration with several nations like America, Russia, and other nations, ISS was made and sent to space. Astronauts from different nations reside on ISS to perform different researches and studies so that they can know more about the space and examine the activities happening on Earth. Now that a lot of space missions to ISS have been done, the US agency has decided to open the ISS for the common people. The agency has said that they will be opening the gates of ISS for tourists and other business ventures. As per the news conveyed by the deputy director of ISS, Robyn Gatens, there are going to be two tourist missions per year.

The permissions will be granted for up to 30 days on ISS according to NASA and the astronauts will travel through US spacecraft. Chief financial officer Jeff DeWit conveyed, “Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before.” People who will be sent to the ISS will be granted a perfect training and will be provided the medical assistance and necessary measures for spaceflight. Two companies are appointed for the responsibility of taking tourists in their spacecraft and those two companies are SpaceX and Boeing.

Crew Dragon and in building process spacecraft named Starliner will be sent with the tourists to the ISS. Amazing news for the people is that the companies who charge NASA $60m for sending a single astronaut, they will be charging the tourists astronauts with the normal taxi fare. If we look at the previous records of the tourist visits on the ISS, US businessman Dennis Tito visited ISS back in 2001 and for the visit to the station, he paid $20 million.


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