NASA, Earth

In a recent announcement, NASA has announced its plan to protect the Earth and to predict the chances of the threat which was from a Near-Earth Object (NEO). NASA has already outlined its five objectives which include the enhanced detection and improved modeling.

The plan which was written in a 20 page of the paper was unveiled on Wednesday. These detail plan should be taken by the US to prepare for the space objects like asteroids and comets which comes within the 30 million miles of the planet.

According to Lindley Johnson, who is NASA’s planetary defense officer at NASA headquarters, Washington said in a statement that the nation has already made a significant move in scientific, operation capabilities and technical support and they are relevant to asteroid impact prevention. He added by saying that when they implement the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan, then they will have a great chance to increase the nation’s readiness. They will also work with international partners to respond to the new potential asteroid impact which is detected and can hit the Earth.

To enhance the NEO detection, characterizing capabilities and tracking and also improved modeling prediction, the plan aims to develop the technologies for the deflecting NEOs and to increase the international cooperation to establish a new NEO impact emergency procedures and action protocols.

Aaron Miles, who is from White House Office of Science and Technology Policy had said that the funding for this type of project would be coming from the existing resources in the US government and it will also smartly utilize the resources and money. Johnson added by saying that the entire planetary defense budget of NASA will be  $150 million per year. There are about over 18,300 recorded NEOs, and they are just 8,000 of them are more than 100 meters larger.



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