NASA, Lunar-Resources Mission

President Trump signed a directive before some months in which he ordered NASA to return astronauts to the moon, but the space agency has cancelled the Lunar-Resource Mission.  As per the report, the space agency cancelled the Resource Prospector who is small rover that was designed to excavate materials like Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Water from the lunar poles.

The primary goal of the Resource Prospector was to help the NASA scientists to understand better the kind of materials that covers the Moon poles. Multiple Lunar spacecraft have given probes about the essence of ice, but the form of ice and at what amount they are present is still under clouds. This mission is said to throw some light on that things and to collect data about the materials that are present at Moon’s poles.

Scientists who all are involved in this mission are now scratching their heads and have no idea about why the mission got cancelled. They are asked by NASA to end their operations by next month. The Mission is about sending a robot to the moon’s polar region during the year 2022.

NASA Administrator James Bridenstine said in a letter on Thursday, LEAG asked NASA to reinstate the mission which is known as Resource Prospector or RP, and the mission is in the early stage of preparation. This move comes after President Donald Trump signed a directive in December, which asks NASA to work towards returning humans to the moon.

Phil Metzger, who is a planetary physicist at the University of CentralFlorida along with a member of the Resource Prospector science team, told to the Verge, “There are no other [NASA] missions being planned to go to the surface of the Moon.” It is rumoured that the budget problem may be the reason behind the cancellation of the mission.

Hurley in a statement to the Washington Post said, “If we want to go back to the moon and really work on the moon and make it a place that we can set up research stations and study processes that are occurring on the moon … all these things are really enabled by being able to use resources on the moon for making fuel, propellant, life support, that sort of thing, This mission is a first step in trying to understand how we’re going to exploit those resources.” 

NASA could not be reached as the press office is closed, but in a post, by NASA it says that NASA still has plans to explore the moon.


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