The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is going to have a test for the sonic boom over the city located on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The new study will help in determining the perceived level of people present in the ground level for the quiet supersonic jets.  The jet is set to fly for several days during the month of November and two F-18 jets will fly over Galveston and will break the sound barrier up to eight times a day.

According to the Peter Coen who is the project manager of NASA’s Commercial Supersonic Technology says that the new supersonic commercial planes which will be flying over the Galveston can break the sound barrier without disturbing any peace among the people. NASA will be collecting data from this flight and will be enlisting volunteers who all react to the booms. NASA already pre-selected about five hundred people who all are staying or working around Galveston.

The results that NASA is going to get is the same results that are registered in the noise sensors of the area. This results will help NASA in the future in developing future noise tests over the larger communities.

The main goal of the test is to overcome the sound barriers to have a practical supersonic commercial air travel. The jest which is going to be used in this test will be flying five to twenty miles away from land and a dive maneuver is going to be delivered at the sea and is named as Startling.

According to the Coen, he said that “You hear that rumble in the distance. That’s a sonic thump. That’s what we expect people to hear in the community.” NASA will be taking the feedback in order to determine the reaction of the gauge community.


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