NASA, Carbon monitoring

NASA’s $10 million per year program whose only aim is to track the global warming causing gas like carbon and methane has been shut down.  The Trump administration has shut down the NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System after eight years of operation.

A report which is published in journal Science, says that the program whose name is Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) was shut and the reason given for this was due to a shortage of the budget to run this program. This program was helping worldwide by collecting data from NASA satellites and creating advanced models and analyses about how the greenhouse gas emissions are affecting the planet. This move has made harder for the nations who are depending on them to verify the quotas which are promised in the Paris Climate Accords.

NASA, Carbon monitoring

The level of carbon is increasing at a high rate, and the recent data about the carbon level that is present in the Earth’s atmosphere has already reached a record-breaking 410 ppm. The increase in the level of carbon is affecting humans, wildlife and gives rise to natural disasters.

NASA’s research into the climate change has been in trouble after the 2016 election, and the trouble arises when climate science-denying Jim Bridenstine was appointed as the NASA administrator.  

According to Jacob, he said that it is not the right time to kill a program when NASA is planning to establish several space-based carbon observatories which include the OCO-3. This will be mounted on the International Space Station at the end of this year and on the GeoStationary Carbon Cycle Observatory which is scheduled to launch for next decade. This type of research should be continued, but the leadership will be now shifted to Europe as they are operating one carbon-monitoring satellite.

The measurements that are taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii show that the monthly 0 average exceeded the 410 ppm threshold and for the first time there is about 3o percent increase in the carbon dioxide level in the whole world.

For last some centuries the level of carbon dioxide has remained in between 200 and 280 ppm, but now the levels are very high. This increase in the level of carbon dioxide is due to the industrial revolution which had occurred due to human activity, and this led to increasing the Carbon dioxide level in the world.


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