NASA, Weather

NASA and Orbital ATK have postponed the launch of the cargo ship which will be going to the International Space Station by 24 hours. The liftoff was postponed due to the inclement weather and the new schedule for the liftoff is now on Monday.

ATK Antares rocket is scheduled to launch a Cygnus supply ship on Sunday from the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. The rocket will be delivering about over 3 tons of supplies to the space station, but the bad weather has delayed the launch of the rocket. This also helps the NASA officials to inspect the rocket again and the new schedule time for liftoff is now on Monday at 4:39 AM EDT.

NASA, Weather

The rocket has got a self-propelled transporter, which is a two-stage booster and has rolled out of Orbital ATK’s Horizontal Integration Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. After the nightfall Thursday, the rocket will take a mile long journey south to pad 0A where the crew will take the r139 foot tall rocket to its launcher. The liftoff is scheduled for Monday as there is an 80 percent probability of the good weather and the launch window time is only 5 minute.

The technicians of the rocket have packed about 7,205 pounds of equipment, provisions, and experiments which is present inside the Cygnus spacecraft’s pressurised compartments on Wednesday. After this, they have installed the Antares rocket payload shroud over the cargo craft which is ahead of Thursday night’s rollout.

When the Cygnus spacecraft reach the space station in a few days, astronauts who are there in ISS will begin to unpack the supplies which are delivered inside the ship’s internal cabin. The cargo which is scheduled to deliver to ISS next week have things like high-definition cameras which will be installed on the forward end of the complex when the next spacewalk will take place in the month of the June.  The other components are high-pressure tanks of oxygen which will recharge the space station’s internal atmosphere, a self-contained quantum physics research facility which is developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is known as Cold Atom Laboratory. The Cygnus supply ship will also take 16 CubeSats into space.

This mission which is scheduled for ISS on Monday is the 11th cargo deliveries which are assigned to the Orbital ATK by NASA whose value is $2.9 billion.


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