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In a new announcement by NASA, it said that James Webb Space Telescope which is NASA’s most ambitious and complex space observatory which has ever built would be used to study the Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. This will help in shedding some new light on the Jupiter storm.

According to the scientists who have developed this complex telescope said that the iconic Jupiter storm is present on the lists of the guaranteed time observers. This will be the first telescope to be used to observe the universe. The main goal of the telescope is to study the mysteries of the universe and the planet which are held by the planets in our solar system from Mars and beyond it.

The lead scientist on the Webb telescope’s observation of Jupiter’s storm. Leigh Fletcher, who is the senior research fellow in the planetary science at the University of the Leicester on the United Kingdom. Leigh along with his team has made an effort to study the several targets which are present in our solar system. This was spearheaded by astronomer Heidi Hammel, who is the executive vice president of the Association of the Universities for the Research in Astronomy (AURA).

Hammel said in a statement that the infrared sensitivity of Webb’s telescope helps in providing a wonderful complement which helps in studying the Hubble visible wavelength of the Great Red Spot. The images that Hubble have revealed help in striking the change in the size of the Great Red Spot over the mission’s multi-decade long lifetime.

With the help of using MIRI, it can help in observing about 5 to the 7-micrometre range, and it could be particularly revealing about the Great Red Spot. These wavelengths of light will be allowing the scientists to see the unique chemical byproducts of the storms and it will help to know the insight of the composition.  


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