NASA's Webb Space Telescope launch get delayed until 2021

In a recent development, NASA has announced that it has changed the procedures and it is reigning in some unjustified scheduled manner. These changes meant that the Webb Space Telescope wouldn’t be launched until 2021 and this delay will cost $800 million to the telescope’s $8 billion price tag.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is said to be the most complex imaging hardware which NASA has attempted to put into space. This telescope will feature a large mirror which will be formed by multiple individual segments which will move into the place and protected by the sunscreen that would be enforced after the launch. The instruments that the installed in the telescope will be sensitive to the region of the infrared, and it would allow it to image everything from the Universe’s first galaxies to the atmosphere of nearby exoplanets.  

As per a report which is released by the Government Accountability Office it has suggested that in the further delays they were inevitable. So, after the release, NASA has disclosed the testing of the spacecraft’s unfolding resulted in the damage to some of the systems, and it set the stage for an independent review which has a board to give the entire project which is a new look.

The review of the board and NASA’s responses were released in which the board paints in a picture of significant dysfunction, and it provides about 32 recommendations for minimizing the impact of further problems in the future.

The problems usually arose from the work of the Northrop Gruman, who is building the spacecraft and sun shield. They have used a solvent to clean the valves without checking the valve manufacturer and forced the replacement of the same.

At the stage, Webb’s science-instrument package and the spacecraft itself are still being tested. The major test of the changes will come when the two parts of the spacecraft and are integrated into the final hardware, and it will be sent into space.


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