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Apple improving its new MacBook by adding some new features and also enhancing its keyboards. Apple is working on its new MacBook to deliver a better experience than before to its customer. You will also get a new processor much faster than ever before and many more great features that blow you up.

But with all these new features the price of the new MacBook will hike, for best features and processor you have to pay more than before. But it is for sure that the customers get a new experience with the new keyboard and new processor. It is to be said that with the new MacBook all the previous issues of the keyboard occurs in previous laptops will resolve.

Apple has working to detect the issue of the previous butterfly keyboards by making changes, but they failed much time to unfold the problem. Apple also apologized to the customers for their repetitive issue occurred in the keyboards.

The difference we will see in the new Butterfly keyboard is it keeps debris away from the particular switch that uses to inputs. According to the new search the new switch cover is made by using nylon. Apple also made some changes with the metal dome switch, however, it has not confirmed by Apple till yet.

All the changes have been done to the device to solve the issue of the Butterfly keyboards. Apple also tried to untangle the issue but had not succeeded to fulfill it. Now the company is back again with another new promise, alters, and features, it will be interesting how much company will strong on its words this time. We will find it out about the new advanced feature of the butterfly keyboard and new processor. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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