Measles, New jersey

The residents of the New Jersey have been exposed to measles after two people with the measles virus have visited several places which include Newark Liberty International Airport as per State’s health officials.

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, said a person who has measles who stopped in New Jersey on April 30 and have gone for a tour bus travelling from Niagara Falls to Washington DC. In a second incident, a resident who is from Bergen County has suffered from measles after coming in contact with an international traveller who had the contagious virus in between April and May.

Measles, New jersey

The two infected people are said to pass through several places which include Towne Centre at Englewood apartments from April 24th to May 2, Renaissance Office Center in Englewood on April 30. There are several cases of measles which are reported from various locations in New Jersey and were confirmed by authorities. The ill person is said to have visited four locations, and as a result, they have exposed everyone who has an encounter with them in this four locations. Authorities are now asking all the members of the public who have been exposed to this disease should contact a health care provider, and those who have not taken the vaccine for this should take the vaccine for the same.

Measles is said to be a deadly disease which is very common in many parts of the world which includes Africa, Asia, and Europe.  As per some reports, it said that each year about 89,000 people from this disease and about 1000 children who get affected by this disease, only one or two would die due to this.

This disease poses a serious threat to all ages and can have some serious complications. These complications are common as diarrhea or ear infections and can also be severe as brain swelling, premature births for pregnant women and pneumonia.

People who all are suffering from measles are seen with symptoms of rash, high fever, running nose, cough and red, watery eyes. These symptoms usually take week or two to appear. The virus of the measles can be spread through the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. As per CDC, it can also spread four days before and after a rash shown up in an infected person. The children who get mumps and rubella vaccine twice are protected from this disease, as said by officials.



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