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Apple is one of the leading brand best known for delivering best and quality products. However, some of the issues also occurred in the device but Apple is busy in detecting that issue. Now, after many experiments and tests finally, Apple comes with a new upgraded mechanism of the keyboard. However, the company is using its traditional Butterfly keyboard but attached some latest version that gives the users a better experience than before. After the three attempts now the company is on the edge to make the low profile keyboard better than before.

It is to be said by the company that now their traditional keyboard will work better and the issue will occur more in the future. But you have to pay more for the newly upgraded keyboard as the new keys are highly expensive because of the new techniques uses in the current generation. The new keyboard is most likely the same as previously only a few tenuous difference. The new details are in the vague by the company but in the latest report published by iFixit that describes the latest upgrades done by the company in the new generation.

The third generation keyboard is coming with a foggy, sticky, silicone layer mechanism that protects the keys from dust and other components stick under the keyboard. With this new mechanism, it is also expected that the keyboard delivers a fluent experience to the users. According to the iFixit investigators that find out that the membrane that fixes under the keys is a polyamide material known as nylon. It prevents the dust and contaminants under the keyboard. In the teardown in a report, it also gets to know that it is not the only thing that has been done with the MacBook.

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Another upgrade that attached with the keyboard to make it better is a metal dome that protects the key as a safety cap on it, it is like a jar that pops after using the key. but one this is also you get aware of that the key entirely depends on that metal dome if it gets damaged or gets out of shape than the key will stop working. It is expected that the new dome that is supporting the keys should be stronger. Apple is trying to detect the issue from the year 2015, and it seems that spending thousands of its money as beta testers.

It takes around two years to the company to find the appropriate fault in the keyboard of MacBook. After many times they get failed and after running a long repairing program, to make the customer satisfied also run a refund scheme for those customers who already spend their money on repairing. But after all, the attempt that fails now the company is announced the new mechanism and design for the new MacBook with a free repair. But it is still not acknowledged that the new mechanism will work or not. It all will be revealed after the new devices will be launched in the market.

Apple is one of the best known leading company in the world, on one side the trillion dollar company is made its influence and impact on the world with its mobile phones. On the other hand, Apple followers are worrying about the irresponsible behavior for the computers in the previous years. However, the company is trying its best but it is not acceptable from a gigantic company. Now we will see in the upcoming days that Apple really solve the puzzle to make that how to create a commendable and ready to use the computer keyboard. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.




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