New modified polio vaccine can fight deadly brain tumors

In a new development, it is seen that a new modified version of the polio vaccine has infused straight into the aggressive brain tumor. This new vaccine has helped some patients live for the long years than the estimated time, as said by doctors.

This new study done on the new vaccine was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  They said that only 20 percent of patients who have gliomas were got helped by this and they are alive after six years. These findings had enough to give confidence to the researchers to move forward and test the vaccine in people, as per the team at the Duke University School of Medicine.

According to neurologist Dr. Darell Bigner, who is the lead author of the study said that it is unusual that this drug can help to get the kind of long-term survival. The Duke team has tested 61 glioma patients for about five years, and they all have got grade 4 gliomas. It is a group of brain tumors which includes glioblastoma. As per the Duke team, they said in a statement that these patients had got a dismal diagnosis, and there is no effective therapy for that.

The standard treatment of the brain tumors includes the surgery of a tumor, and they are reachable with chemotherapy and radiation. In case the tumor is aggressive, it is then said to be fatal. Bigner said that the people who have failed in everything and all the patients have no matter what kind of treatment they get, but they will die within two years.

The team of Duke has worked with the National Cancer Institute to design and manufacture the modified version of the polio vaccine virus. These viruses get attracted towards the nerve cells, and they can cause paralysis. When these virus are injected into brain tumors, it kills the tumor cells.


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