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Microsoft released a new update for Windows 10 preview for all PCs. This update includes snipping, security, focus assist while gaming, Fluent Design, sound, language and HEIC improvements. Windows 10 update is from the RS5 branch which will be coming later this year. Microsoft has released about five major updates which are November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update and April 2018 Update.

The company is combining various way in which a user can take screenshots in Windows 10. If you press WIN+Shift+S simultaneously, then snipping toolbar will come and can the same can be used for the quick screenshot. After you take the snip, a notification bar will open which will be snip into Screen Sketch, which will be a standalone app.  This Screen Sketch was previously introduced as a part of Windows Ink Workspace which can be updated with the help of Microsoft Store. If you press Alt+tab, then it will resize the window and supports the multiple tabs.

Sets which is Microsoft new tabbing interface, the experiment is expanding. Windows Insiders will have sets, and they can access this feature. Microsoft’s Fluent Design bought another player to the team, and the Task View has updated, and the background of the screen now get a soft blur effect.

The new name of the Windows Defender Security is Windows Security. The company usually renames the features in regular interval, and the app is now renamed as the Windows 10 Defender Security Center 2018 Pro.

All the gamers who all are using Windows are happy as they can now focus in the game more with the help of Focus Assist and it will get turn on automatically when a gamer starts playing a game in any full screen. This is the default behavior of the system, but it can be turned off or on by going to the Settings-System-Focus assist- When I am playing a game.

The next update is bringing integrating Device properties into the settings menu. When you click on the links in the Sound Settings, then a new page will pop up which can give a name to your device and can select preferred spatial audio format. 

Microsoft Pinyin IME is updated with a new logo, new IME toolbar and supports theme dark theme. There is also a various option which is added to the IMAE mode indicator’s context menu in the taskbar, and the IME uses the same UX as Expressive Input.


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