New York State has planned to control the tick population and to combat the tick-borne illness which is like Lyme disease. The Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the state will apply about eco-friendly tick control measure in order to control the tick-borne disease on public lands present in Southern Tier, which is the capital region and the Hudson Valley.

The NY will also expand its use for the deer feeding stations which will be automatically applied tick treatments to deer as they eat. These type of stations have already used on Long Island and in other areas. With the rise in temperature already been taking place, the health officials started to warn all the residents to get aware of the ticks and the disease that they carry.

New York, ticks

According to the Health Officials, they said that ticks are capable of spreading disease. All ticks are not responsible for the disease and also not all bites will make you sick but, you should know about the prevention of the disease and how to get avoided from their bites. They added by saying, “Lyme disease is the most common disease spread by ticks in New York but there are other serious diseases spread by ticks. And like Lyme, the other diseases will begin to spread to other regions across the state.”

It is said in a statement that, ticks usually live in moist areas or shady which is near ground level, brush or shrugs or clinging to grass in the lawns which are usually less than two feet off the ground. They also live in the gardens or near the edges of the wooded area or old stone walls. When a tick gets touch with the skin, it starts to climb up and up till it reaches a protected area.

In tick-infested areas, the best way to prevent the bite is not to get in contact with soil, vegetation or leaf litter. Health officials have issued warnings for the people who usually spend their time outdoors are like to wear light-colored clothing with tight weave in order to spot the tickles easily, use insect repellent, check clothes or exposed skin frequently, not to sit directly on the ground or any stone and take a bath or shower as soon as you go to indoor so that tickle will go away from your body.


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