India, Nipah virus

Nipah virus outbreak has already killed ten people, and other two people are in critical condition in the southern Indian state of Kerala. As per officials, it also killed a nurse who is taking care of patients and this new little-known virus is new to this part of India. It is said to be one of the deadliest viruses which are known till now.

The Nipah Virus which is passed along the fruit bats, human contact or even through pigs can cause symptoms like convulsions, fever, and vomiting. Till now there is no treatment or vaccination has developed for this virus to counter this and it already killed about 75 percent of people who are affected by it. This new disease has increased the quick fatality rate, and it is contagiousness and already gripped the area. The patients who are suffering from this are now kept in isolation.

India, Nipah virus

According to Dr Jon Epstein, who is the wildlife veteran and epidemiologist for the EcoHealth Alliance said, “It’s the worst disease no one has ever heard of. This is a virus that when it gets into people, in Bangladesh, it kills them on average three-quarters of the time and in some cases 100 percent of the time.” This virus when enters human body causes encephalitis, which is a brain inflammation and this causes long-term disabilities in survivors.

As per WHO, in some outbreaks, it causes severe respiratory infections and can also infect some people without causing any symptoms, and till now it is not known how it happens. The outbreak which is caused by Nipah virus is different in each case. Till now about 40 percent of people have already died due to this virus.

Fruit bats usually carry Nipah virus. These bats don’t bite people or do not come in contact with people, but they eat the fruits that people eat. So when people come in contact with infected fruits, they get the Nipah virus. Nipah was first detected in Malaysia in 1999, and it is named as Malaysian village called Sungai Nipah where pig farmers developed encephalitis. Epstein said, “The reason Nipah virus emerged in the first place was the pig farming system had gotten so large and industrialised. “It was an all-you-can-eat buffet for the bats.”

In India, people got infected due to this virus present in date palm sap and its drink.


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