Nipah virus, kerala

In the last two days, two more deaths have been reported in Kerala’s Kozhikode and with this reports the death toll has risen due to Nipah virus to 16. According to the health minister of Kerala KK Shailaja, she has warned the state of the second outbreak, and all the people should be cautious. She added by saying that there is no need to panic due to the virus as all types of precautionary steps have been in place to control the outbreak.

Till now, the Nipah Virus has to lead to about 1407 people to be put under quarantine in their own home in Kozhikode and Malappuram. The state has witnessed about 17 deaths in the last two weeks, and among the 17 deaths, three people have died in last two days.

The health minister has said that this death may be due to the second outbreak and the peoples who come in contact with them who got affected due to the virus. These type of people are now closely monitored, and tests which are done will be revealed at the appropriate time. As per the officials, the hospital in which two patients have died has asked its staffs which includes nurses and four doctors to go for leave as a precautionary measure.

Rasin who is 25 years of old had died yesterday, was undergoing treatment at the Balussery hospital. He had tested negative for the Nipah virus, but later he got the symptoms again and then was admitted to the hospital. He was suspected that he might have got in contact with it from one of the earlier victims. The death of the superintendent of Kozhikode district court due to this virus has asked the collector to put operations on hold by the district bar association temporarily. The health minister has said that this situation will not lead to the shutting down of court and the people who are in contact with the victims are now under surveillance.

The people who are now in-house quarantine have been asked by the state government to watch about the symptoms and keep all the nodal health, and they have asked them to come for a checkup if they have developed symptoms.

The state is now on high alert for the second wave of infection, and they are trying to prevent it by taking many precautions.



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