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In a new study, it revealed that the people who are said to be drinking moderately are found to miss work less than the people who don’t drink or touch alcohol. This study shows heavy drinkers usually complain about the sick health whereas moderate drinkers don’t have any issues.

This study was conducted by the team of researchers who are from Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has conducted this study to find the U-shaped relationship which is between absenteeism and alcohol consumption. The results of the study were published in the journal Addiction.

In this study, over 40,000 people from Finland, France, and the United Kingdom have taken part. These participants then asked about their drinking habits, and they revealed how much they consume alcohol an how many days they have taken off from work for the past 4-7years. This survey was done at two different times.

In this survey, the researchers have classified this more than 40,000 person into five categories. These categories range from non-drinkers to the people who drink moderately and then to heavy drinkers. The study has classified men as heavy drinkers who consumed at least 34 servings of alcohol and women who take more than 11 servings of alcohol are considered to be heavy drinkers.

For the tag of moderate drinkers, the men who take 1-34 servings of alcohol per week is said to be moderate drinkers and women who take 1-11 servings of alcohol per week are said to be moderate drinkers. The amount of alcohol was based on European sizes of alcohol.

The results that come after the study are shocking and surprising. It said that the non-drinkers and heavy drinkers are usually take off from work due to mental disorders, digestive system problems, musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory problems.

According to the lead author of the study, Jenni Ervasti said that there are some diseases or treatment, prevent the use of alcohol and it may be explained by excess risks among the abstainers. The participants who are at-risk of drinking usually causes health problems which are selected out from the labor market or unemployed.

Ervasti added by saying that the results are very surprising as non-drinkers and heavy drinkers missed many work days. The researchers said that these findings are limited as it is done in Europe and the lifestyle along with drinking habit in other places of the world is different, and the result may vary too.


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