NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 performance benchmarks got leaked
Image Source: Wccftech

Nvidia has recently unveiled the new Turing architecture and RTX 2080 graphics cards that is due in last month. This came with the promise that it will be about six times more the performance than the older versions. It has also got the new ability to support the real-time ray tracing in the modern games. It has been seen that many performances claim that there are turning technical architecture along with PC gamers which try to calculate the new cards that will perform.

This all-new big feature of Nvidia’s Turing architecture is said to be having the ability to support the real-time ray tracing in games. The ray tracing is called a rendering technique that is used by the movie studios to generate the reflections of the light along with the cinematic effects.

It has been said that Nvidia has been working for about ten years on ray tracing for Turing architecture. The company is now starting to introduce some ray tracing with the RTX 2080. It has been said that some of the impressive as well as limited to some games. We can take the instance of Nvidia’s Battlefield V demo which has shown some real-world examples of nearby cars along with flames which will also reflect off the metal on guns or can even diffuse into the wooden parts of old guns.

Now Turing sees it has introduced a new Tensor core as well as RT cores. The RT cores are said to be dedicated to the ray tracing. Tensor cores are said to be used for the Nvidia’s Ai work in games. It also includes some big changes to the way GPU caches work.  This has increased about 50 percent higher effective bandwidth for games.


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