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Oculus is about 24 hours away from launching its all-new VR headset. The company on Wednesday reveal other three exciting new developments for the company’s future VR headset, and it led to giving us a visual hint about the new “Half Dome” prototype.

Half Dome was revealed at the F8 Developer Conference stage on Wednesday whose look is similar to the present Oculus Rift. The most attracting feature of the headset was shown in the conference in which it was revealed that a mechanical object help in quickly moving the lenses closer and farther from the user’s face when they are using a VR app.

Maria Fernandez Guajardo who is the Oculus head of product management says this is a “varifocal” display when showing the video of a Rift-like prototype to F8 attendees along with a top shell removed. The removing of this top shell helps in explaining the bulky, moving-parts system that is continuously getting shifted to headset lenses along with sub-millimetre precision.

Guajardo didn’t confirm the requirement of the eye-tracking camera inside the headset. She showed the video of the VR tester which brings the virtual item closer to the face. When the subject comes close to her face, then the image gets de-blurred immediately and show more excellent discernible details. It is not clear that the focus also occurs in the prototype or not as the headset displays the user’s visual focus with a camera which indicates about the 3D content which appears close to the user’s face.

The other F8 panel shows the demonstration about the in-built hand tracking system which will be present in a future Oculus headset. The demo video of the same shows the virtual, 3D-rendered fingers which appear in the VR scene and help in the manipulation of the objects.

Guajardo showed the issues related to limited-of-view in present Oculus headsets. After this, she showed about the Half Dome headset which comes with a pair of large and wide lenses, it offers a 140-degree FOV and can be extended upto 110 degrees in both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This does not include anything about the change in lens design which provides for using of Fresnel design of the original Rift. The cost of this new Oculus headset is about $199. It is still unclear what the headset will have a boosted resolution or not.


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